Getting ready for mixing


Follow these steps for faster turnaround and less misunderstandings.

  • Export your audio tracks in WAVE file with some minimums – min. sample rate 44.1 kHz and min. bit rate 24bit
  • Align all tracks at the beginning, so that they are in sync
  • Label all tracks correctly (e.g. KickIn, KickOut, SnareTop, SnareBottom, LeadGuitar, etc.)
  • Include tempo map in MIDI file, if the tempo is variable
  • Include DI signal for guitars and bass tracks
  • If you have a demo mix or rough mix, you can include that one too
  • If you have programmed drums in MIDI format include the mapping (e.g. Kick – C1, Snare D1, etc.)


If your session will need some major editing, we also offer editing services and we can provide full package that includes editing and mixing of your recording. Bear in mind that mixing and editing are priced separately and the final price of the project will then depend on the state of your session when we receive it from you. This also impacts the time needed to finish the project.